About us, our values and philosophy

Who are we?
Beaugrand Boutique is an online boutique store that carries a variety of purses and every occasion bags in a wide range of styles.

Did you know that we are complete animal lovers?
We're so obsessed that we've made our entire line cruelty-free. That's right! Every bag and purse we make is vegan and we are so proud of it! Furthermore, we donate 1% of our sales to animal shelters and rescue organizations. Follow us on social media, where we share our love for animals.

What's our mission?
We want to make you feel fabulous by adding that extra spark to your outfit with a bag that's both stylish and functional. All that, without harming any of our furry friends.

What are our values?
We stand for high standards, equality, fairness, growth, genuineness, and compassion. As an organization, we strive to constantly improve.

We're friendly, get in touch!

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